Commercial Window Tinting Melbourne


Commercial Window Tinting in Melbourne

Do you find that your office building gets too hot when sun streams through the windows? Are computer screens affected by glare? You may want to consider installing office window tinting in Melbourne. Fortunately, the team at Berwick Window Tinting can get the job done using the highest quality commercial window tinting films. We have multiple options available depending on the degree of light transmission you want, allowing you to choose a film that best suits your needs.

Reasons to Tint Your Commercial Windows

Commercial window tinting is primarily installed to reduce a significant portion of the heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun that enters your building through windows. This not only protects people inside from being exposed to harmful UV rays, but also helps to maintain more comfortable interior temperatures all-year round without needing to rely on expensive air conditioning systems.

Additional benefits of office window tinting in Melbourne include:

  • Gives the exterior appearance of your building more aesthetic appeal
  • Strengthens glass to reduce burglary, property damage and personal injury
  • Adds privacy for people working inside
  • Protects furniture and merchandise from sun damage such as fading

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