Window Tinting Car & Building Services

At Berwick Window Tinting, we offer quality home, business and automotive window tinting. We have various options available to choose from in a range of colours, shades and materials. Installation time on average is a 2-hour process. As a WFAANZ (Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand) member, we’re qualified to give you the best possible tinting job, recommend the best type of film for your needs, provide a warranty, and ensure that the end result meets all State or Territory regulations.

Automotive Window Tinting Melbourne

Our cheap car window tinting services in Melbourne not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but also provides a number of practical benefits as well. This includes cooler interior spaces, reduced glare, increased privacy, and greater protection from harmful UV rays. Window tinting a car takes approximately two hours, during which you can stay in the waiting room or leave and come back when the job is complete. Upon completion, we’ll explain the drying process and how to care for your windows. All window tinting services jobs include window cleaning.

Commercial and Home Tinting

Business and home tinted windows are excellent for adding aesthetic and practical value. We’ll travel to your property and evaluate your needs, taking notes and measurements. After providing you with a quote and verifying it, we’ll begin the tinting process, which includes complementary window cleaning. During the measurement and installation phase of the project, we won’t interrupt your family or employees. Upon completion, we’ll explain the drying and aftercare process.

Other Window Tinting Services

In addition to home & office window tinting, we also offer quality automotive paint and interior car protection solutions. This provides both your exterior and interior with an effective layer of defence against sand, dirt, grime, spills, stains and general wear and tear. All of our paint protection jobs include a free carwash.

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Berwick Window Tinting is your one-stop destination for home, business and automotive window tinting services Melbourne. Call or send us a message online today to learn more, receive a free quote and get started on your window tinting.

Variety of colours,
shades and materials
Average 2 hour
Qualified And Recommended
Car Tinting Melbourne

If you want professional car window tinting in Melbourne, you can rely on the team at Berwick Window Tinting to deliver the best results.

Residential Window Tinting Melbourne

Berwick Window Tinting is a trusted provider of window tinting solutions for homes, offering excellent residential service that enhances the aesthetic appeal and practical value to your property.

Commercial Window Tinting Melbourne

Commercial window tinting is primarily installed to reduce a significant portion of the heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun that enters your building through windows.


We can provide interior and exterior car protection solutions, all of which use the latest tools and techniques for superior results.

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